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And another batch of works from the past month, all of which you would of seen already (and MORE) if you follow me on the Tumblr :D -
Uploaded some stuff that I've done "recently" on my Tumblr. I upload more stuff on Tumblr than here to be honest, so go to ( for more crap. xD
Ok, so the sketchbook thing clearly failed, but with the inspiration of some artists I follow, I will try to update my Tumblr more often with doodles. (Along with my occasional life/"philosophical" posts ;P)
I scanned some stuff from my sketchbook, and will try to every month.
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Just added some drawings from my last illustration exam. I think I have a few more school things to upload as well.
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Just uploaded my "Christmas" present for a bunch of my classmates. All the sketchish drawings were made using PaintTool SAI. Happy Holidays to everyone btw! X-D
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Check it out! I have way too many blogs to update now, hence why I never put anything on dA journals. :P
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The semester starts on Monday. Oh boy. It'll go along with the launch of my parody comic.
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I turned 20! Yay.
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Neato, I finally got my freelance site up. Check it out if you'd like!
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I had 1988 pageviews. That's the year I was born. I thought it was funny.…
As you can see I've recently uploaded a bunch of images. Most are for an "exam" that I'm doing in College. A set of posters of 5 different styles: Hippy, Deco, Pop Art, Nouveau, and 18th Century? Anyway, you can see a couple here, although the ones which aren't on the Postobon Soda Brand have been scrapped seeing as how I misunderstood the assignment. Turns out I had to base off all the styles on ONE product, not each style with its own possible product. Oh well.

Sp: Como pueden ver yo he subido varios imagenes recientemente. La mayoria son de un parcial que tengo en la Universidad. Una seria de carteles de 5 estilos: Hippismo, Deco, Pop Art, Nouveau, y Ochocentista. En todo caso, puedes ver algunos aqui, aunque los que no usan la marca de Postobon no las usare, ya como entendi mal la tarea. Parece que tenia que basar todo los estilos en UN producto, y no poder tener cada estilo con su propio cosa.
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Well, you may have noticed I haven't posted anything in a while. I started college in January and it has kept me busy quite a bit. I do hope do get some of my projects up here though, since I am studying Graphic Design! ;P
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As you can see, I've taken numerous photos recently. They are all from Colombia, where I live now. Though they are from neighboring cities to the one I reside in.
I got a new computer. Photoshop and Flash are so much quicker now, I love this thing!
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4 more in fact! Go look at em! ^_^
I've added 2 scraps, one that I will eventually finish and put up here, another of random sketches.
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I don't update this much.

Anyway, as you can see I'm getting a little more active on the postings. I got another anime sketch that I'll be coloring. Maybe even an animation.
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Added a new deviation today. Uhm...yea.
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Yea, I know I haven't done much. I've mainly been working on some animations. I think I'll add them here once I'm done (or atleast post about them). I've updated my comic and personal blog incase you wanna read those. Actually, I need to post today's comic strip! :-X